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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything is a con in this organisation."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A very bad environment to work in. Totally negative. Commenting personally on somebody is not what you do in a professional world."

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"No recognition even if you give your blood to the organization Attrition rate is more than 70%; nothing else can be said No work life balance Top management takes all the credit of your work You are forced to work on weekends/ holidays You can't take holidays No HR policies, you will die but HR won't come Too much politics Worst HR department You don't get your reimbursements on time Centralised power; you can't take decision of even Rs.1"


"AVOID, AVOID.. if in case, if you are planning to commit suicide ideal joint companies profound strategy will build in all the diseases in your body if you are married company will prepare you for DIVORCE"

Store Manager says

"Too much internal politics , not good for hard and sincier and honest working candidates, unprofessional HR and middle management's I have been working with biba from last 3 to 4 yrs i have put my time energy , and sinciarity towards my job , i have given excellent sales growth to the company but at the end after my resignation with full notice period i havent received my full and final settlement even after 120 days and no one is giving me satisfactory answer this is the hight of any professional organization To advice be carefull when u leave the organization you will not get your dues"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very unprofessional, low salary, unsystamatic, no support system from HR, IT Dept & Account dept. for their employees"

Current Employee - Accounts Receivable says

"Bad finance environment to work"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"long working hours, compensation to employees not provided (balance leaves expire, cannot be encashed). Only company is benefited. Employee suffers"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. The worst HR department I have seen. They are clueless and no idea what is good for employees and how to address concerns 2. There is lack of trust. They think every employee is out to get them."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Human Respect is nill. Complete top down and tactically driven which is a danger to growth and employee welfare"

Textilkauffrau (Former Employee) says

"Als Verkäuferin bei Biba hat man ein angenehmnes Arbeitsklima soweit man mit den KOllegen kann. In den letzten beiden Jahren hat Biba abgebaut und ist nun insolvent. 2/3 aller Mitarbieterinnen sind entlassen worden.hoher Stundenlohn"

Shopleitung (Current Employee) says

"Ein Unternehmen was seinen Mitarbeitern gut Schulungen anbietet und man immer noch etwas dazu lehrenen kann Kreativität und Verantwortung kann man übernehmen was auch Spass macht da man sich immer in seinen eigenen Laden sieht Sehr nette Mitarbeiter mit Verantworungsbewustsein und gutes zuarbeiten Schwierig in den Kollektionen da der Kerative Teil nicht immer den Zeitgeist trifft"

Retail (Current Employee) says

"i dont like do work in retail line i learned from her that how to convince to the custmernono"

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